Garage Floor

Update and Protect Your Garage

Whether you spend hours in a day working in your garage and want a durable, non-staining, maintenance-free work surface, or you simply want your garage to look and feel clean and modern, Westeco Coatings has you covered. From a simple clear protective coating, right through to shiny metallic colours and vibrant flakes, we can deliver exactly the look you are after for your garage floor.

We provide 3 coating options for residential or light/medium commercial users:

Good - Epoxy

Epoxy offers an affordable, low maintenance floor coating solution. While not as durable or flexible as our other coatings, epoxy provides a beautiful and tough finish for your garage floor. Most epoxies fully cure within 10-14 days but can sustain foot and light traffic within a day or two.

Better - Polyurethane

As a middle ground option between performance and price, polyurethanes offer more durability and flexibility than epoxies. Curing times are similar to epoxies, averaging 7 days for full curing, and sustaining foot and light vehicle traffic after 8-24 hours. Polyurethanes are also less susceptible to yellowing over time due to UV damage compared to epoxies.

Best – Polyaspartic

Polyaspartics are our most durable, chemical resistant, and fastest curing flooring solution. When performance and durability matter most, polyaspartic delivers. These coatings providing exceptional stretch and flexibility to protect against hairline concrete cracking and surface impacts. Polyaspartics are also very resistant to UV damage and have virtually no odour when applied. Polyaspartics fully cure in as little as 4 days and can sustain foot and light vehicle traffic in as little as 9 hours.

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